The past saturday 13th of April, the Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, hosted the 10th Edition of the Jendamark Bellbuoy Swim Challenge, the 1st Round of the OWWT’19.

A cloudy morning awaited the 200 intrepid swimmers that were going to face this major 5km challenge. But the weather gave them a big present with the best conditions ever on the 10 editions of this amazing event as Michael Zoetmulder, the event organizer, explained.

The swim start was from the water for swimmers safety, and just after the initial shot, everyone made their way to find their spot. 

From start to finish a little group of swimmers broke the pack where all the favorites where. Last edition winner, Gary Albertin, the 2018 OWWT Champion, Xabier Gordoa and also the amazing female swimmer Amica De Jager.

As they faced the turning point of the race at the spepcially iconic Bellbuoy, Amica started to go ahead of the grup, and at this point she passed first with little advantatge from the group, but Gary was aware and pushed his rythm to catch Amica.

They did the last 2km battling for the gobal victory, and with a final rush Amica De Jager made her way to the finish line and got taken away the 2019 Title of the Jendamark Bellbuoy Swim Challenge 2019, first time a women wins the race, think that shows women in general are going a step forward on their willing and performances. Brilliant!

With this victory Amica De Jager also becomes the OWWT Female Leader.

Gary Albertini finishing 2nd overall will be the OWWT Male Leader. They both will keep their leadership until next event, the Splash & Dash Swim Race in California, USA.

After the race all swimmers got lot of facilities due to the amazing work that the staff of Zsports NPC Events have done. Just as a curiosity, there were more than 100 volunteers on the water looking for swimmer’s safety.

The award ceremony, full of recognition and prizes for age groupers and overall winners and also a big final draw closed this weekend full of activity and faces of satisfaction from all swimmers.

After the 1st stage of the OWWT, we have updated our RANKINGS with the Jendamark Bellbuoy Swim Challenge results. Check them!

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