The past Sunday, 7th of July, at Maccagno hosted the 5th event of the Open Water World Tour.

This event was the 2nd stage of our italian partner, the Italian Open Water Tour.

The day started with an amazing day with the start of the SMILE SWIM, 2500m. This race made the delight of all the assistents with the amazing battle shoulder with shoulder between the final winner Stefano Ghisolfo in front of Lorenzo Caiazza finishing 2nd and closing the pòdium Daniele Savia.

The womens race was dominated from the mid race by Camilla Montalbetti followed by Lara Gherardini and Gloria Friso.

Then it came the espectacle of the Teams Race that get great expectation from everyone near the Maccagno lake.

But the main race of the day came, the HARD SWIM, 6000m with lateral corrents making it even harder, saw a front group of 4 swimmers pushing hard, and it was Daniele Savia who took the victory, with Filippo Marchini taking the 2nd place and Fabio Riganti finishing at third position.

At the womens race, Camilla Montalbetti dominated it from the beginning with enough distance to enjoy herself and her effort.  Behind her there was a duet who fighted for the 2nd place of the podium, and Marta Nembrini gave her best, being Lara Gherardini the 3rd swimmer at the finish line.

The day finally ended with the award ceremony making the delight of all participants while they shared camaraderie and good atmosphere.

Outstanding Organization, incredible location, just what the Open Water World Tour looks for its events, to offer swimmers an unforgettable experience.

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