Last week OWWT and SMOC SMOC signed the agreement with which SMOC SMOC becomes the Official OWWT Partner.

Smoc Smoc is a company based in Conwy, North Wales, their main purpose is to reduce microfibres and plastics found in our oceans and lakes so use, wherever possible, alternative fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton or hemp in their products.

Their philosophy of producing Eco Aware products that help the environment fits perfectly with ours as the events we promote totally revolve around the open water. We are so proud to have a new partner

After seeing Smoc smoc’s robes and towels, the thing we appreciated the most was the amazing feeling of the bamboo.  It was very soft and thick and each item was really well finished. To know more about their products visit their website,

Smoc Smoc will supply a special limited edition robe for the OWWT 2019’s winners.

From OWWT we are so happy to have such an amazing partner and we are sure we will grow together for a long time. Thank you!