The past weekend, the lake Wörthersee hosted the 5th event of the Open Water World Tour 2019.

The city of Klagenfurt was the epicenter of the Wörthersee Swim. With the Alps from far away controlling the situation at all times and the crowd close to the lake cheering up all the swimmers, the event started with the 10km and 17km races.

The weather conditions were not the optimal for a hard race like the Wörthersee Swim, but swimmers faced the challenge bravely and all of them did their best. Strong winds and waves made the races more challenging.

The 17km race, the ones that scored more points for the final Ranking of the OWWT, was dominated by Jörn Grabe Von, who was the first swimmer to reach the finish line overcoming all the obstacles. Solveig Rofka was the fastest female swimmer at the finish line. A thunderstorm made that most of the swimmers of this race should be taken out of the water and couldn’t finish their participation.

The rest of the races were very disputed, and made the delight of all swimmers and all the assistants. The incredible surrounding, the cheering crowd and the amazing work made by the Wörthersee Swim Staff where worth it.

Now the OWWT will move, back again to Italy,  the following weekend, with the next event of the Italian Open Water Tour at Nolli, and the first weekend of October, the circuit will have their final event in Greece, at the Spetses mini Marathon, the best swim event in this country. Outstanding organizations, incredible spots. The distinctive brand of all OWWT events.

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