The past weekend, the amazing island of Spetses and its landscapes hosted the final event of the Open Water World Tour 2019.

Despite the bad weather and the strong winds, the three swim races of the Spetses mini Marathon took normally place at the beautiful Agios Mamas beach.

Most swimmers decided to face the challenge, testing their limits in the open sea looking for the finish line.

During the races, weather got better and all the participants managed to finish, enjoing their most.

Everybody was so happy for these great routes and the safety feeling due to lifeguards’ help.

Spetses visitors and participants of the running races watched with agony the finish, applauding for the swimming athletes. It was the first year, in which the 5km swimming race had the best participation ever, confirming like that, the progress of the event and the rising popularity of open water swimming in Greece, and also the competitiveness between the athletes.


After the races, the SMM staff took care of all swimmers, bringing them an outstanding post race care, with a pasta party and the award ceremony.

If you love OW swimming, Spetses mini Marathon, is an event that you can’t miss!

The outstanding job made by all the SMM staff makes once more the delight of everyone and the best event to conclude the OWWT 2019 edition.

Stay tuned the OWWT social media and our website, because in the following weeks we will announce the OWWT 2019 winners!