After all these months of uncertainty, doubts, fears and many valuations and video conferences, we are so happy to announce that the next 18th and 19th of July, the 1st stage of the Open Water World Tour will take place at the SWIMMING PARADISE GAETA.

Unfortunately, the first event planned for this 2020 OWWT was suspended due to the worldwide pandemic of the COVID-19, and the JENDAMARK BELLBUOY CHALLENGE 2020 Edition is about to confirm its new date in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, and luckily, the SWIMMING PARADISE GAETA event will be a reality and we will be there looking for all you. Check out the event’s web page, and SIGN IN, there are few spots left! Amazing location, outstanding landscapes and a great event are waiting for you.

Stay tuned at our SOCIAL MEDIA and keep updated. Meet you all in Gaeta, Italy the next 18th and 19th of July. Keep on swimming!